The official language at TBMUN is English and the Harvard procedure will be
conducted. During the sessions, the delegates are expected to exercise diplomatic
courtesy when addressing fellow participants. Delegates are expected to address
other delegates in third person during Debate Sessions. The use of slang or
informal terms will not be entertained.


All delegates are expected to be present at committee sessions and must stay in
the session for the established duration unless the Chairpersons or Secretariat are
notified ahead of time. This policy will be enforced by roll-call attendance taken at
the beginning of each session. If any delegate doesn’t attend two sessions, they will
lose their right to earn a participation certificate or other certificates.


Delegates are expected to be respectful of other cultures, persons, ideologies, and
religions at all times.


Delegates must wear the ID badges provided by the staff during the conference


Smoking is not permitted during conference hours. We are a K12 school, therefore,
school terms and regulations apply. Consumption or possession of any illegal
substance will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If any delegate is found in
possession of such, that delegate will be asked to leave the conference
immediately. TBMUN reserves the right to exclude their future participation.


The use of cell phones is not permitted during Debate Sessions. Exceptionally, a
delegate may step outside to use their cell phone. Tablets and laptops may be used
exclusively for committee-related work. The use of tablets and laptops for other
purposes is strongly prohibited and will be penalized.


Plagiarism of any clause, resolution or speech is prohibited in TBMUN. Violation of
this policy will result in expulsion for the remainder of the debate session.


Advisors are not encouraged to visit committee sessions for more than 5 minutes.
Please note that Advisors are responsible for their students’ behaviour. Advisors
might not be allowed in committee sessions during voting procedure or in case if the
Chairpersons decide against it.


TBMUN’s dress code is Western Business Attire. In order to ensure an environment conductive to the goals of the conference, all delegates must adhere to an appropriate and respectful dress code. Formal attire is required of all participants while committees are in session. The TBMUN staff reserves the right, at their discretion, to request that delegates violating the dress code change their clothes. After conference hours’ formal attire is unnecessary. Notwithstanding, delegates are expected to adhere to a smart choice of attire during Social Event.


Delegates who fail to comply with the given code of conduct will not receive a certificate or an award. Failing to dress according to MUN guidelines, K12 schools and MEB general rules will result in not attaining a certificate or an award. Delegates coming from other cities will be given the chance to dress according to the dress code on Saturday. Being late to sessions more than once will also result in not attaining a certificate or an award.